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First Impressions

First impressions are irretrievable – yet most of us don’t know how we come across! Learn how others perceive the way you show up. Design it towards being aligned with who you are and how you want to be experienced.

Know Your Impact

Many of us do not understand or underestimate our impact. Learn what yours is, and adjust it to be in harmony with your desires, and with what is appropriate and needed in the moment.


Being True To Yourself

Nothing is easier – and more compelling – than just being authentic - your true self. Peel back layers you have adopted that may no longer be serving you. Move towards authenticity – it is extremely compelling.

Gain Confidence

How does confidence get conveyed? Learn how to have the appropriate level of influence in each situation & be authentic, real *and* confident. Stand up for yourself and come from a place of internal authority.


Challenging Conversations

Typically, we either do not have them, or we have them poorly. Learn how to have them skillfully and elegantly. The way you handle the tough conversations will affect your course the most.

Mediation Between Parties

Having enough strife to feel stuck but not enough to seek official mediation services? Benefit from having a dispassionate yet caring third party present as you work out important interpersonal issues.


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