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Effective Communication

Become a highly effective communicator while increasing your power and authenticity. Dramatically improve your relationships at work and elsewhere. Authenticity is powerful. And it is so much easier to be authentic.

Executive Sparring Partner

Making impactful decisions alone is tough. Workshop your thoughts, feelings, and plans with a trusted and competent impartial partner. Identify blind spots, refine big ideas, bounce off strategies, and stress-test action plans.


Challenging Conversations

Significantly upgrade the conversations you have with yourself and with others. Identify unhelpful beliefs and master the tough verbal and written conversations you do not want to have. It is possible to have those successfully!

Powerful Leadership

Powerful leadership requires executive presence and charisma. Learn real, authentic confidence and discover the unspoken language of influence and Situational Status. There is a wealth of power for you to harness.


Efficient (Virtual) Meetings

Tired of boring and long meetings people do not want to attend? Learn how to design and run efficient and effective meetings, online and in person. Learn best practices and get the joy back into meeting with others. It can be done.

Additional Expertise

Mastering unpredictable Q&A's. Effective use of PowerPoint. Mediation between parties. For women: successfully navigating the male-dominated paradigm. Situational Status: learning when to play low Status or high Status.


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