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Based in San Diego, CA, Peter Fahrenkamp M.A. works with clients anywhere via phone, email, video conference, and when possible, in person.

Born and raised in Germany, Peter has been based in the US for the past 34 years. His degree is in Organizational Development and Social Transformation.

The idea of working with you is to create insights and breakthroughs for you - when you need them - rather than spending a lot of time together. Aside from specific engagements, such as mediation services, working together by the hour is really counter-productive and a potential conflict of interest. It’s like a mechanic making more money the longer he takes and the longer you’re without your car. Ideally, your mechanic is compensated for the quality and speed of the work: you hire one to improve your car, and the faster the work is done, the better - including for you, because you’re back on the road faster.

Peter only works with a handful of clients at any one time. Accompanying a client closely becomes part of his daily life and attention even between sessions. The container he offers for that kind of close accompaniment is based on a quarterly compensation agreement for unlimited access to his services via video-conference, email, and phone, and in person when possible. When working with you, his turn-around time is 24hrs max, but often he can be available on short notice or even in real-time. This is especially useful when you have to get ready for a high-stakes situation, or when unforeseen challenging situations come up: you'll be able to count on Peter to be at your side - to help you master whatever tough dynamic you're dealing with.

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